Thank you for your interest in participating in the development of the Pedi-ICARE!

Study Purpose
To gather information from children, parents and clinicians that will be used to create a rehabilitation device that can be used by children to improve their walking and fitness.

Study Eligibility
3 to 12 year old children with or without disabilities or chronic conditions.

Study Duration and Activities
After agreeing to participate, you and your child will attend 1-2 sessions. During the sessions, your child will walk, exercise, and use a new device called the Pedi-ICARE. You and your child will be asked to share your ideas about how to improve the Pedi-ICARE. You and your child will attend 1-2 sessions, not expected to last more than 2 hours each.

Study Benefits
Your child will have a chance to help create a new rehabilitation tool for children and to try an early version of it.

If you would like to participate or would like more information about this research opportunity please complete the following form and a staff member will contact you.

Your information will only be shared with members of the research team.




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